Mike Rayson - Bio.

Mike Rayson is not your typical Methodist Minister!

As an evangelist and musician, Mike travels around the world each year preaching the gospel and singing of his love for Jesus.  His music has been featured on radio stations across the globe - including Hope 1032 in Sydney Australia, Premier Radio in London, and UCB UK/EUROPE - as well as stations in the United States.

Mike is also well known for his unique style of preaching and storytelling. Noted Churches like the world famous Methodist Central Hall Westminster (UK),  Wesley Mission Sydney (Australia), the Upper Room (Tennessee USA), Union Church (Guatemala), Aberfoyle Park UCA (Australia), LaCroix UMC (Missouri USA), Crossroads Corona (California USA) and Christ Church (Illinois USA) have all featured Mike.  He has also been a featured preacher and musician at conferences such as ECG Wales (UK), AGMF (Australia) and FireUP (USA).

Originally from Australia, Mike now lives and resides in Brighton (Illinois), where he pastors 'St Paul United Methodist Church' together with his wife Amy - also a Methodist Minister.  Between them they have 8 children.  Sam, Laura and Oliver (natural children) - Siri (their exchange daughter from Sweden) - and Rose, Yuri, Juana and Quishpy (sponsored children through the ministry of Compassion International).

Mike Rayson is all about communicating the wonderful, life giving and relational gift of grace - poured out on the world by the one who chooses to dance through all creation.  Through Mike, God works healing and wholeness in the lives of ordinary and broken people.

To book Mike, or for further information, please call (+1) 615 828 3030 and speak to Tammy.  Alternatively, please email tammy@mikerayson.net